How to Become an Digital Marketing Expert

These or similar formulations are heard again and again! An expert, or better a so-called expert, explains the new online world to others. But is it really an expert or is there more appearance than reality?

How do you recognize a real digital marketing expert?

Expertise is no coincidence. By reading some blog posts or News you will not become an digital marketing expert. Experts have proven empirically that especially talented experts are not born, but become experts by the number of practice sessions.

And here, a “magic” threshold of 10,000 hours seems to exist. In other words, a person needs the right conditions and a lot of practice and experience to become an expert. A true expert differs from a self-proclaimed expert by a few key points:

An digital marketing expert has a sound education

A good education is a good foundation for an expert positioning. However, this training does not always have to be a state-recognized formal education, for example at a university. Especially in the young, modern topics, it is not so easy to find a qualified digital marekting training center like sangha school of digital marketing.Digital marketng expert

But who has a fundamental marketing education, at least has the chance, the new developments and trends, for example, in online marketing, also classify and thus qualify as an expert. Expertise is acquired through classification, verification and reflection, not by blindly and unreflectively adopting simple opinions.

There is still the old, but appropriate sentence: Who does not know the box, cannot look beyond. Of course it’s easy to search the internet for “golden rules”, “secret of success” and “tips & tricks”. But that does not make you an digital marketing expert.

An expert continues to train

If you do not continue your education in a dynamic field, you will stop and be overtaken by others. Continuous training is simply part of it. The sources are very different: In addition to self-directed learning, seminars, training courses, congresses and e-learning offers have become established. Also, the visit of further education offers of the competitors makes only smarter and certainly not stupider.

An digital marketing expert reads continuously

Experts are always up to date. They know their topic and have an overview of the most important specialist literature. Of course you will not only find new things in new books, because books should also provide added value for beginners.

Nevertheless, there is still content in almost every textbook, which brings one further. Why do professional service providers have a library? Because they gather their knowledge there, make it visible and also use it. In the age of digitization, of course, this knowledge can also be made available and used in the form of blogs, newsletters or online libraries.

Expert exchange

Expertise is often moldy in the drawer and becomes standard knowledge, if one does not exchange. Of course, experts are afraid that they themselves have nothing to share their knowledge with others. Often you also hear that you do not want to pass on your long-acquired knowledge so easily, certainly not for free and without marketing

That’s all right. But: You can only become an expert if you share your expert knowledge with other experts and learn so continuously. The so-called peer review has a long tradition in the scientific world and the judgment of professional colleagues gives a fairly accurate assessment of one’s own expert existence.

An digital Marketing Expert Is Visible In The Industry

An expert nobody knows, he is not an expert. A certain level of awareness raises awareness and thus more opportunities to expand its expert status. Experts that are visible have a higher workload, more attention and more requests.